Take part in a bespoke In Movement performance project, designed to meet the needs of your team. These projects provide the opportunity to develop positive relationship, help in defining roles & strengths, support the development of self awareness, reflective practice & resilience.

Company members work together to co-create, refine and share their own work under choreographic direction to reach a common goal.  Dance is a discipline, in order to work successfully together as a company of dancers in a creative process & performance project there are significant skills that need developing.

During an intensive performance project with In Movement participants will learn to work together for the good of the work being created. Trust needs to be developed amongst participants as they support each other in a non-judgemental environment to challenge themselves to make their own dance material and develop it for performance.  Resilience is needed to commit to a rigorous rehearsal where attachment to personal journeys need to co-exist with company goals.  

Let's Work Together