Participate in workshops that allow you to access your creative approaches to facilitating in the moment. Gain practical understanding of leading from the body and feeling more equipped to be a responsive and authentic leader through increased bodily awareness and presence.

We take a person centred approach to building programmes for people and organisations in response to their specific needs.  Fundamental to all we do is bodily knowledge; learning from ourselves to support an authentic approach to facilitation.  We aim to make you feel more empowered and confident in your communication, relationship building and decision making.


Through simple exercises that encourage you to notice nuanced information from your body, we will develop strategies together to find confidence in stepping into your body, making conscious movement choices.  In Movement’s Return To The Body approach is underpinned by the Laban-Bartenieff Movement System , an approach to observing, analysing, experiencing and understanding movement in an embodied way.  Workshops will focus on developing more anatomical knowledge, exploring the body’s interaction with space, the dynamically expressive body and the qualitative choices we make and how our body forms relationship within itself, to our environment and with others.


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