Through Youth Leadership Courses, Cross-Curricular Dance Projects or Creative Dance Workshops cultivate pupil voice and empower their confidence.

In Movement are interested in how creativity and the participation in creative dance workshops can support individuals in feeling more confident in making decisions, taking the lead, finding their voice and feeling more comfortable in their own bodies. Dance Projects in Schools or organisations that specialise in working with young people can be wonderful additions to your offer for young people firstly because they’re different, they’re fun and they require participants to work in a new way.  More often than not the outcomes are even more positive than that and depending on how we shape the project together they could help to further deepen understanding of curriculum topics through kinaesthetic learning, develop creativity and confidence through inclusive and engaging projects for those who may need extra support or build leadership skills between peers or across age groups in workshops specifically designed to bring more awareness to our own physicality when we communicate with others.

In Movement are an Artsmark Partner 

Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools and education settings, awarded by Arts Council England, recognising their commitment to high quality arts and cultural education. In Movement is proud to be supporting schools and education settings on their Artsmark journey, inspiring children and young people to create, experience, and participate in great arts and culture. We offer education settings who are working towards, or currently hold an Artsmark Award, all of these named opportunities as well as the ability to build a bespoke offer in response to your particularly needs. 

Find out more about Artsmark at www.artsmark.org.uk. 


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